For more information on the workshop, please see the full call for papers here:

Participation Requirements

All participants are required to read three papers in advance of the event and come ready to offer constructively critical feedback. We want researchers to constructively spar with and challenge one another to strengthen ourselves across the board. This is not an event for passive attendance, but an opportunity to engage each other substantively.

This event is first and foremost an opportunity to collectively think and help construct a field. Although this event is designed to bring together 30-40 researchers, only 12 papers will be workshopped. Yet, everyone who attends is expected to be an active participant and contribute to rich conversations. We believe that it is through active engagement with other scholars around research that new insights can emerge. In other words, this event is designed to be the kind of intense intellectual engagement that made you fall in love with being a researcher in the first place.


The day will be organized into three time slots, each 75 minutes long. One paper will be workshopped in each session. Multiple sessions will run in parallel so there will be a total of ~12 papers, but each participant will only be responsible for reading and engaging with 3. Within each group, a discussant will open with a critique of the paper before inviting participants to share their feedback. (If you participate in this event, you may be asked to be a discussant on one paper.) All are expected to share feedback, with author response towards the end of the session.


The event will take place on Friday, June 14, 2019, and will run from 8:45am to 6pm.  Paper sessions will run until 4:15pm; afterwards, there will be a reception for all participants.

All meals will be covered during the event. Unfortunately, we have limited funding to support travel for this workshop; however, we 're happy to provide a formal invitation for participation/“speaking” to anyone who may need it to secure their own funding.

Application Process (Deadline: April 19, 2019)

For this event, we are looking to bring together researchers from diverse disciplines studying technology in organizations. This can include management, organization studies, communications, information studies, computer-supported cooperative work, computer-human interaction, science and technology studies, ethics, labor, law, policy, anthropology, and design research. As a result, attendees should expect to engage with scholars who are outside of their field of study. We ask that attendees think of the D&S Workshop series as an opportunity to engage with a broader cross-disciplinary field, and to strengthen both relationships and research through participation in the workshop. 

Because the paper submission date is only a few weeks after the application deadline, you should only apply as an author if you have a paper that you’re actively writing right now and will be ready to share a draft with others by May 28, 2019. If you aren’t already working on this paper, you probably aren’t in a good position to workshop it at this event. Appropriate papers may be a work-in-progress book chapter or a journal article. (Full-length books are a bit too much for this event, so if you’re writing a book, think about the chapter that you most want to get feedback on.)

To apply as an author, please submit the following:

  1. Name, affiliation, title, email address, discipline.
  2. Big research question you’re seeking to answer with your research.
  3. Paper title + 100-250 word abstract.
  4. The current half-baked, thick-outline, total mess of the paper.**

** We are asking for the disaster of a paper to understand where you are with the piece now, and the arguments you intend to make, so that we can appropriately match you to a discussant. We won’t share this version with anyone (we promise).

Please note: All co-authors for papers must apply separately. If your co-author doesn’t apply, we will assume that s/he is not interested in attending the workshop. It will be hard to add additional participants later so make sure your co-authors apply if they want to attend.

To apply as a participant/discussant, please submit the following:

  1. Name, affiliation, title, email address, discipline.
  2. Big research question you’re seeking to answer with your research.
  3. 100-250 word description of your research.

Key Dates

Application Deadline: April 19, 2019

Selection Decisions: May 1, 2019

Full Paper Deadline: May 28, 2019

Workshop: June 14, 2019

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